When Ms. Spira created this wiki, it was her wiki. But each time one of you joined it, it became...

...YOUR wiki.
Now, with everyone in the 8th grade involved, it is now...


SO...how do we do this??
Below, a simple guide to community wiki-ing and writing comments.

1. What's the deal with the communal pages?

Before February, very few of us knew much of anything about India. But together, we are all going to learn a little at a time, and by sharing all the little things we learn, we are going to learn a TON as a group. BUT it is all in your hands - everyone has a part to play and something to contribute.

We have three communal, or community, pages on this wiki. You can find them on the left-hand sidebar. They are:

Current Events - what's going on in India RIGHT NOW

Indian Society & the Caste System - What is it like to live in India today? What was it like to live in India 500 years ago? This page is for learning more about Indian culture and history.

Religion in India - We have talked a lot about Hinduism and Buddhism, but there is a lot more to these religions than moksha and the Buddha. This section is for thoughts and information on Hinduism, Buddhism, and other religions in India.

Throughout the quarter, we want you to add stuff (comments, questions, links to articles, pictures, videos, songs, etc.) to each of these pages. Navigate to the pages by clicking on the links here or at the lefthand side of the screen to learn more about where you can find stuff to put there. Keep reading to learn how to add a comment - it's very similar to how you add stuff to your own wiki page.

Learn how to find stuff to add to your pages by clicking here.

2. What's the deal with adding comments to each other's pages?

When we all logged on to wikispaces the first time, we found out that we each have our own page. Throughout the quarter, we will be adding cool stuff to our own pages. As we add videos, songs, articles, and information to our own pages, we should also check up on our friends' pages too. When we see something we like, something we have a question about, or are interested in knowing more, we add a meaningful comment.

3. What does a meaningful comment/post look like?

A meaningful comment includes...
  • Complete sentences with correct capitalization and punctuation (no webspeak!).
    • Bad: tht video is weird where did u find it lol
    • Good: I thought that video was interesting because it showed how different life is in India than here in the US.


  • A reference to something specific on the page you are commenting ON
    • Bad: Your page is awesome!
    • Good: I like how creative your page is. I especially liked the pictures you found of the Bengal tigers.


  • A question that requires more than a yes or no answer, especially if it is a specific question for the page's author. A HUGE part of learning is asking questions!
    • Example: Arnav, why did you include the picture of Patna? Does it mean something special to you?


  • Something to add - a picture, youtube clip, song, or link to an article. If you add something, be sure to write a sentence or two about what it is, and include a link to where you found it!

4.How do I add a comment on someone's wiki?

  1. Go to the page you want to comment on.
  2. Click "Edit" on the top right-hand side of the page.
  3. Scroll to the very bottom of the page using the scroll bar on the right-hand side of the screen.
  4. Click your mouse where you want your comment to go. BE CAREFUL NOT TO DELETE OR INTERFERE WITH ANYTHING ALREADY ON THE PAGE.
  5. Add a horizontal line using the Horizontal_Line_button.PNG horizontal line button on the edit bar.
  6. Type the date.
  7. Type "By" followed by your name.
  8. Type your comment.
  9. Click "Save"!


Sunday, February 13, 2011 by Ms. Spira
I think this comments page is very helpful, I'm glad we have it! I especially like how I used different colors and formatting to make certain important things stand out.