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India's Fashion At A Glance

This is an example of Old and New India Fashion. This woman is wearing traditional clothing but it's hinted with modern textile and jewlery.

Some Questions I Have About India Fashion?

1-Why do the women in India have a dot on their forehead?

2-Is there a school uniform?

3-What do they wear for weddings?

-The Tilaka
The red dot that is in the middle of Indian women's foreheads is actually call a Tilaka, and not all Indian women wear Tilakas. Usually women that wear Tilakas follow the religion Hiniduism. The Tilaka is not just worn on the forehead, but on other places of the body like the arm and lower stomache. It is worn on daily basis or for religious occassions. It symbolizes the third eye, or otherwise known as the mind's eye. It is associated with Hindu gods and the idea of meditation and spiritual enlightment. It is made of ashes, sandalwood paste and other substances. In the past, Tilakas were only worn by gods and priest. Now it is more common. Lastly, Tlakas are worn by both sex, men and women.

To learn more about tilakas click the link to the right--->
Information on my link
I found this information on This website has information on Hindu beliefs of respect for elders, Tilakas, information on Hindu temples, information on Hindu's beliefs on Dharma, biographies on famous Hindus, and alot of Hinduism related current events. The website acts more like a helpful websites source because it just does not give you information on Hindu related things but also gives you links that you can click to find more information about things you are interested about. There is no obvious author for the website but it says it is part of Dharma Universe LLC Websites on the bottom of the page. Right next to the word Copyrighted it says " 2009-2010, Dharma Universe". I think this website is somewhat accurate because an organization created this website and the author is not trying to persuade the audince,or make the audience believe anything. The author is stating facts rather than opinions. Also, the website is very popular because the website has alot of paying advertisements, followers, and likes on Facebook.

This is a example of the powder they use to make Tilakas.
This is a picture of the Tilaka being put on a man's forehead.
This is a picture of thee Tilaka being put on the forehead because of the wedding occassion. The wife does not seem that excited as her husband. :)

-School Uniform In India
This is one example of school uniform in India. As you can see, girls with long hair braid their hair into one long braid or pigtails.They also wear skirts or dresses that cover their knees.

Indian school uniform is influenced by English uniforms, so both uniforms share alot of characteristics. Not all schools enforce uniform, but mostly all K-12 schools have mandatory school uniform. School uniforms are strictly enforced in rural areas. The uniform for boys are usually a short sleeved button shirt, shorts that is a plain color, knee socks and laced-up dressy shoes. The uniform for girls is a knee length skirt, button shirt, knee length socks and laced-up dressy shoes also. For gym it is simple plain t-shirt, shorts and rubber tennis shoes. Hair is also an important factor when it comes to school uniform. Boys usually have to have a simple short cut and nothing else is allowed. Girls with long hair either braid their hair in one braid or have two neat pigtails. No bangs or dyeing of the hair is allowed. They are allowed to have hair ribbons but it must match their uniform. Just like uniform in America, it varies. Not all Indian schools have the same uniform.

-Wedding Attire <3

These are more modern Sari dresses!
This is a Choli, which serves as a inside shirt and blouse.

As you can probably tell, wedding dressings are mostly red.
These are more modern Sari dresses!

The name of the wedding dress is a Sari, or well known as Shalwar-Kameez. The dresses are red because it proves that the girl is being married as a virgin. Red also is a stunning color for every skin tone and does not get stained as easily as white. Red is also believed to be a symbol for love. The Sari is amvery long cloth and can be draped over the body in multiple ways. The Sari is usually wrapped around the waist and the other end is draped over the shoulder. The women usually wears a dressy blouse in the inside known as choli. The choli can be short sleeve or back less. The choli serves as a bra and inside shirt. The Sari and choli is not just in India, but is common all over Asian countries.

To learn more about Saries you can check out this book: Alkazi, Roshan (1983) "Ancient Indian costume", Art Heritage; Ghurye (1951) "Indian costume", Popular book depot (Bombay); Boulanger, Chantal; (1997)

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Feb 15. 2011
Love your page is so good.

Monday, February 14, 2011 by Ms. Spira

Hi Amira! This is a fabulous start! Your pictures and questions are great! I can't wait to see how you explore each of your questions. You could make a sub-topic for each one: school and uniforms, weddings, religion, and different regions. Keep up the good work!

Monday, February 14, 2011 by Jesus Robles G.

Hey Amira. This page is awesome so far. I can see how much effort you put into this. Awesome job so far and keep up the good work.

Monday, February 14,2011 by Amira N.
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Monday February 14 2011 by Maya

i like the pictures you choose because the pictures show the different places people might wear these clothes at great job :-)

Hey I Love your page you should put more facts about indian fashion , other than that everything else is awsome i LOVE it -- Timyrahh <3

Tuesday February 15,2010 by:Amira
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Hey Amira. i really like your page, but i think you should edit the pictures at the top so they will be better to see. but other wise I like it!!

Hey Amira, I really love your page! I think that you have some really great pictures, but i think you should add some kinds of fashion besides clothes. I think you should add some fashoinable shoes or accessories. Also, less of the really pretty clothes and more of the fashions that is POPULAR in India. Other then that i think your page is really amazing!!!! Bianca C. Feb. 17th, 2011

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This page is really nice . I love how it's really professional looking . =)

February 17, 2011 by Peg Nonez

I really love this page, great creativity! Do you think you can do more about the wedding clothing, I'm really interested in that.. Thanks :)

February 17,2011 By: Franklin Romero
I really like that wedding dress. I was wondering if it was a tradtion of some sort. I was also wondering if you could tell me when it started or what happens when you dont wear the color red.