This is a new Samsung phone that was launched only in India.

This is a car from the 2010 car show in India.


This is the Indian version of NASA space sign.imagesh.jpeg

This is a new Nokia phone that was launched in India.

external image Windows%20XP%20remake%20Bihar%20India%20_funny_technology_computers_hindi%20%281%29%20by%20Flickr%20user%20gopal1035.JPG
external image moz-screenshot-4.png
This is the Indian version of Windows Xp.

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external image moz-screenshot-3.pngexternal image images.jpgThis is one of the several Dell phones in India.
external image Dell-Venue-smartphone_thumb.pngexternal image Dell-Venue-smartphone_thumb.pngexternal image hohv.jpg external image Dell-Venue-Pro-Windows-Phone-7.jpg

external image ASUS-G51J-3D_02.jpg
This is a new computer that has a 3D gaming system software that comes with 3D glasses that was launched in India.

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR8_yU9KJa8iKgalZQS0Ex-JmomjJAON2s3D8ORVYDabN1hQBSI
This is a Android 3.5 G tablet they had test launched in India.

external image sony-xperia-touchscreen-phone.jpg
This is called the Sony Xperia, which is a touch screen phone.

external image sony-ericsson-india-2010.jpg

This is a series of Sony Ericcons that were launched in India in 2010.

1 Why is India's economy getting better?

2 How many companies rely on India's cheep labor for their factories?

3 How is India being shaped for new economical changes?

*LOS ANGELES, CA (Catholic Online) - In many ways, India's tea trade has not changed much since the British started cultivating it there nearly two centuries ago. Darjeeling is the capital of India's tea industry. Small-scale tea farmers and laborers rank among India's poorest, but now many are trying to earn a better living by producing their own organic tea*.