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To begin, I will show you four pictures of the the most important things of India...

The flag of India

National emblem of India

TANDURI CHICKEN (this is where you say "Yum".)

Patna, India

Now, on the main topic of this page:

Animals and People of India Living Together

Here are three questions that will be answered on this page:

  1. What animals live in urban areas, and how are they a part of a human's everyday life?
  2. What are the ups and downs of the animal/human environment?
  3. How do the animals and humans help or hurt each other? How do they treat each other?

It is very common to see cows and bulls on the streets of large cities in India.

Two monkeys sit on the roof of a building in Varanasi.

In some areas, dogs live on the streets and find food in garbage.

This is a video someone took in India of a cow crossing a street in Jaipur, India. It is an example of how cows and people share the city as a part of regular life. When a cow is wandering the streets, nothing is usually done to it. The traffic waits or goes around it, the people walk right alongside them, and sometimes a more religious person might stop to pay respect to it.

This is part of a BBC documentary about monkeys. It shows how mischievous monkeys in Jaipur, India can be. They steal food, but I think this one is probably an extreme case. These monkeys obviously don't treat human property with much respect. This is a con of the animal/human environment.

The Welfare of Stray Dogs (WSD)
This link will take you to the website of an organization in Mumbai, India that is working to help the stray dog population. One of their main goals is to eradicate rabies. According to this site, rabies is often transmitted to humans from dog bites. More people die from rabies each year in India than in any other country. This a major con of the animal/human environment.

Link to this picture Link to this picture
The peacock, above, is the national bird of India. It is famous for its amazing display of feathers. Peacocks are native to India and southern Asia.

This is a slideshow of animals in India. Some of the animals featured are wild, some are tamed, and some live with or near humans but are not tamed.


Hinduism stresses the importance of non-violence, or ahimsa. This means that many Hindus in India will treat animals well. One specific example of treating animals well because of religion is how Hindus treat cows. Cows are allowed to freely roam the streets without being disturbed. Cows are sacred animals in Hinduism, so they are well respected by most Indians. Most Hindus do not eat meat, especially not beef. Some religious organizations like temples might keep sacred animals. Other animals are also respected because of Hinduism. Monkeys may be respected because of Hanuman, the monkey god. Elephants are very often respected because of Ganesh, a god with an elephant head. These are all ways that animals are treated well in India because of religion.

Reference: Animal ethics
I got this information from the BBC website. This website contains information about news topics from all over the world. There is no visible author listed of the page. BBC is funded by many commercial ventures around the world. I can tell that this is a reliable website because BBC is a very large company, and it has accurate information on its many other pages. BBC also broadcasts on television and radio.

A few people have asked me about pets in India.
People do keep pets in India, like in the United States. I couldn't find any official statistics, but the most popular pet is probably dogs. Other pets are cats, birds, and fish. In rural areas, people may have cows and other livestock.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2011 by Sulaiman
Your page is very interesting. good job. :)

Sunday, February 13, 2011 by Ms. Spira
Hey Arnav! I love your page and your topic. I am especially interested in what you find out about the stray dogs. Do different cities have animal shelters like we do? What is the most popular pet in India? I look forward to learning more! Great work so far!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011
Your page is great Arnav you should help me out!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 by Yacer L.
Nice page, are you going to upload any pictures on non-negativity??
Just wondering.

February 15, 2011 by Peg Nonez
This page is great! Good job, do you think you could get more pictures about how animals live IN houses with people, and not in the street? Do people in India have pets, like the U.S.? If so, then what kinds of animals? Just wondering... (:.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 by Arnav Chatterjee
Okay, I will include some information on pets.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011 by Arnav Chatterjee
Yes, Yacer, I will be including positive things. My page is on ups AND downs of the animal/human environment.

Thursday, March 2, 2011 by Yacer L.
Ok, thanks and can you help me with my page?