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This is a blue saree that indians wear.

This can be used as an Indian dress for a wedding.

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This is a designer saree customly made.

A casual saree that indians wear anytime.

This dress really stood out to me. This Indian dress that is very popular. I really like this dress because it is something i would wear if i was to go to India and get married.

Does it matter what an Indian women wears during her wedding if so what do they wear?

In other parts of India do women dress differently?

What is the main fashion for India?

Answer to # 3:

The main fashion for women is a sari. When you wear sari in Indian there are many styles, depending on which state you are in in India. It is a value to the state and when women wearing sari it represents grace and beauty. Indian women can also choose to wear a sari during her wedding depending on how valuable it is to them. Most women in India like to wear skirts, most likely the skirt will be a long skirt. Women also wear bindi's which make women look more Indian.

This website gives information on everything about women in Indian. No there is no author for this website. I think this website is trustworthy because because she it talks about India and all it is is an Indian website.

Sunday, February 13, 2011 by Ms. Spira

hey AShayla i like your page

Hi Ashayla! I wonder what sort of television shows are popular among teens in India. What do middle- and high school students do in their free time? I wonder if the school system for teens works the same way it does in the United States. I'm excited to see what you are going to learn about teenage

Thursday, February 17, 2011 by Jaynelle Williamson
Hi Ashayla! I really like your page, but i think you should put your questions at the top of the page, so people can see that as soon as the open your page. but other than that you did a really nice good.

Hi Ashayla i love your page.I think you should add more information but its good so far.

Thursday FEB.17.2011 BY SHAIANE MURPHY
I like your page a lot. Why did you decide to do Indian fashion?