Indian Food
Where did Indian recipes come from?

Whats the most famous Indian recipe? What is the main food Indians use in thier recipes?
The basic Indian foods are broken up into three groups. Each group is designed to maintain health and there for the basic food is eaten in almost every traditional Indian meal. So basically these foods are the main things that are in a traditional Indian meal. These basic groups are cereals, pulses, nuts & oilseeds, roots & tubers, green vegetables, fresh & dried fruits fats & sugars, milk and milk products, and fish & eggs.
-The website is basically all about Indian.
-My website does not have a listed author.
-I think the website shows many clues that it is very accurate because the website is all about India and it looks very accurate.
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Sunday, February 13, 2011 by Ms. Spira
Hey Bryan! Indian food is a great topic - have you ever had any? If so, what was your favorite? I know you and Zarya disagreed about how to use cous-cous. What ways can you find that you can use it in Indian food? What sort of Indian recipes can you dig up? I look forward to learning more!

The pictures of food look delicious.I was wondering if you could put up the recipes for all of the food. I also wanted to know the names of the food and what they mean. 2/17/11 Malik Morgan

I like the title of your topic because it has pretty colors. Monday Feb 14, 2011. David.