Citing Sources

Cite (v.) - telling where something came from. Giving credit to the author/photographer/newspaper/source.

Source (n.) - location where something originated.

If you already have text on your page...
You need to say where you found this information. If you copy and paste text that you did not write, or you summarize information and ideas that are not originally your own, and do NOT say where you got this from, it is called plagiarism and in every stage of education in the world (high school and college), this is a form of cheating.

If you copied and pasted the text: Put quotation marks ("TEXT") around all text that you did not type up yourself.

If you read text somewhere else and summarized it in your own words: Essentially, this

Find some text on a website you want to use?

You are already doing this!!!
´╗┐When you add something to the communal pages, you are required to cite your source. You are including a link to your article. When you post a YouTube video, anyone can click on the title of the video to get to the original page. When you comment on something, you sign your name.