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Fredrick 2/17/11
external image moz-screenshot.pngexternal image moz-screenshot-1.pngexternal image moz-screenshot-2.pngosama_bin_laden.jpg
These sneakers are very popular in India. The inventor 21-year-old Praveen Kumar says “It gives me a feeling that the most hated person in the world lies at my feet.”

David Colon 2/17/11 these sneakers symbolize the hatred towards a man that is not found in the world till this day. So not for nothing, but i think the person who made these should of thought twice. But none the less they're kind of nice.

We should put glass in these and make him wear them, (if he's still alive) -Elana.. O2.17.2O11

Where did they make those sneakers? by Valentine Eke.2/17/11

Tuesday, February 8, 2011 by Ms. Spira
Here are some recent news stories from The Times of India, a major Indian news source:

    These are just the headlines. By clicking on these links, you will get directed to their corresponding articles. If you read one you find really interesting, or find another on the website you like, post it below and explain what you think is interesting about it!.

    Thursday, February 10, 2011 by Ms. Spira

    Looking for articles on Indian current events? is a great place to start. In the search bar, type in "India" and you'll get a list of current stories. Adding more to your search, like "India" "sports" or "India" "fashion" will get your more detailed stories. The search results that come up will lead you to other India news cites where you can find more stuff. When you find something cool, post the link here and tell us about why you like it.

    Monday, February 14, 2011 by Yacer L.

    Flying Car Becomes Reality

    This article is about how an Indian car inventor made a flying car. He presented it in the Aero India 2011 show. The inventor, A.K. Vishwanath has been working on the project for 16 years. The car model is merely an old Mauriti 800 hatchback. Vishwanath has modified the car to the extent where it can fly. He himself has not flown the vehicle yet, because of the many safety issues. It was claimed to be tested in a windfunnel, but not known if it was neccessarily true.

    Monday, February 14, 2011
    by Ms. Fleming
    Here is another news site from India:

    February 15, 2011 by PEG

    Japan and India make a pact!!

    This article is about an economic agreement that India and Japan made today. They can now help each other with investments and trade. I like this site because it is very infomative about this subject. Enjoy! (:

    Tuesday, February 15, 2011 by Ms. Spira

    Aptech, Microsoft to Train 150,000 Students in Mumbai

    Aptech, an training company in India for information technology (IT, a.k.a. computer stuff), will be using Microsoft educational materials to train 150,000 Indian students with the skills needed by software giants like Microsoft. This is part of a larger movement of companies like Microsoft to move, or outsource, many technology jobs overseas. Check out the Discussion tab for more!

    Tuesday, February 15 2011 by Malcolm Clemons

    Tuesday, Feburary 15 2011 by Aryanna Cooke

    This link i added is about the game of cricket. Its about how India can win in this game and this article is talking about people's frustrations. I think this article is a Informative article also. :)

    Tuesday, February 15 2011 by Quiearah Cook

    India is ready to attack Pakistan with 'JUNK'? By:Malik Mogan

    Noreen J.
    Everyone in the world know that India is a country that is obseesed with Cricket (a sport). So their team was set to cohost the 2011 Cricket World Cup. Cricket World Cup also started today Feb.17.2011 (FYI)
    Another site that talk about this subject is......

    Anita Dongre's timeless collection

    from: Maya Cunningham
    This is a picture of a women modeling a Anita Dongres designer dress. This designer makes really nice dresses.She is mostly famous for her Indian style dresses. To learn more about this designer click on the link above.


    This article is about 58,000 cars being recalled in India by Honda.

    Breaking News: external image 4740342.cms

    Look what the boys will wear

    From: Ashayla Shields-James
    This is an Indian man wearing a blazer and a tie. He is from the Indian cricket. This is what a man would wear in India.

    Indian jewelry
    posted by: Ieshah 02/17/11
    • Mangalasutra is a special neclace worn by married women only
    • And they are only allowed to take it off if their husband dies

    this an example of a modern type of Mangalasutra

    February 17,2011 By:Amira Nwokeji
    This article is about a recent law that was made saying that homosexuality is legal and allowed in India. Before gay marraige was looked down upon and not allowed. Many disagreed and fought against the system...and won. I kinda thought this article was interesting because it seems that people think that gay marraige is just in America, but it is actually everywhere.

    Do gay couples who are married have to wear a mangalasutra also?
    Is divorce still looked down upon in India? Antonio Horatius 2/17/11

    February 17,2011 By: Jesus Robles Garcia

    This youtube video is about a school in Eastern India. It is basically a video that shows a school after Maoists revels bombed a school that lost all its records, books, paperwork, and more. After the school got bombed, it left a lot of students and villagers mad. See the clip for more information.

    Video was taken on Tuesday February 15, 2011.

    Knowledge as burden

    from: khadeja
    This picture is showing a little girl happy to finally get a question right. she goes to school in India and thinks schools such a burden. If you want to read more on how school is such a burden for some kids in India then read the link above.
    This picture is showing a little girl happy to finally get a question right. she goes to school in India and thinks schools such a burden. If you want to read more on how school is such a burden for some kids in India then read the link above.