Check out this page to learn how to do all the different wiki stuff!

Information for Assignment #2

Discussions Guidelines NEW!!!

Find and embed a youtube video

Comment on some else's page or add stuff to the communal pages

Search for stuff: News & More

Add a link to a website - how to cite your sources!

Add a link on your page to someone else's page

Information for Assignment #1

Edit a wiki page

Change the text styles - BOLD Italics Underline AND MORE!

Find and upload pictures India_Flag.jpg

Upload a file (like a word document) - work in progress

Create and embed a slideshow - work in progress

Special Wiki Vocabulary

SAVE (v.) - what you should do ALL THE TIME. Backs up whatever you are working on so that if something happens to your computer, you won't lose the work that you have done. Do this often. Do this often. Please.

Copy (v.) - a computer function that temporarily saves a bit of text on your computer until you can put it somewhere else. To copy text, highlight it with you mouse (click and drag your mouse cursor over the text you want to copy), then right-click on the text and select "Copy" OR after you have the text highlighted, push and briefly hold down the control (CTRL) button and the "C" button at the same time.

Paste (v.) - a computer function that lets you put something that you have copied onto your wiki. Click your cursor where you want the text to go, then right-click and select "Paste". OR hold down the control key (CTRL) and the "v" key at the same time briefly.

Shortcut (n.) - a combination of keys you can press to do something in the edit mode, but do it faster. Shortcuts usually involve you holding down the control key ("CTRL" on the bottom row on both corners) and a letter key. For example, CTRL + V = paste and CTRL + C = copy.

Format (v.) - ways to change your text. You can make your text bold, italicized, or underlined. By clicking the "T" button with a paint palette, you can change the font, the size of your text, the color of the text and background color, and the alignment (left, centered, right, or justified).

Preview (v. & n.) - to see something before it is official or saved. By clicking "Preview" when editing your wiki, you can see a smaller version of what it will look like if you saved your changes, but you are allowed to continue editing your page.

Upload (v.) - the process of getting a file that lives on your computer and putting it on the internet. By contrast, "download" is getting something that lives on the internet and putting it on your computer. You can upload word documents, pictures, videos, or anything else that you have made outside of the wiki.

Web address (n.) - the literal "address" - where a website/webpage "lives" on the internet. We use the web address to link readers to a website we want them to see. Usually begins with http:// or www.

Link (v.) - a link online is a line of text (a few words or a that, when clicked on, will take the reader to the website referred to in the link. For example, this linkwill take you to the New York Times webpage. We use two kinds of links on our wiki: external links (to other websites) and wiki pages (connecting to another 8th grader's wiki or a teacher wiki). For example, this link will take you to a page where you can learn more about the Hindu religion.

Embed (v.) - when you don't want to put in a link to take your reader to a separate web page in a new window or tab, you can place the video, picture, slideshow, or other mini-program directly onto your wiki page. When you embed a video, you are putting the video directly on your page so readers can watch it without leaving your wiki. Many things on the internet include an "embed" link to add to the "widget" button on the edit menu.

Widget (n.) - a variety of options to embed things into your wiki - videos from Youtube, slideshows of pictures, audio clips, maps, and other things to play with. Widgets are ways to connect to other types of programs on the internet (not stuff from your own computer). Widget_button.PNG

If this doesn't help and you want to do something but can't figure out how...
- Stop by Mr. Tracy's room and ask Mr. Tracy or Ms. Spira
- Stay after school on Tuesdays or Thursdays for help
- Email Ms. Spira at