- 2/17/11
- Treshon

In this photo it shows what they do when they pray. Also it shows what they wear and where they go when they pray.
So why do you think these people wear those kinds of clothing when they are praying?
Who are they praying to?
Ricardy Mehu 2/17/11

David Colon 2/17/11
What caste is he from ? a high one, or a low one?

Feb.17.2011. Shaiane

The people above are the Hindu's most important gods. Shiva (Left) is the destroyer god. Ganesha is the god that removes obstacles. Parvita is the goddesses of love and emotion.

February 15, 2011 by PEG

This video you can see is a kid's tale about two gods, Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva was in trouble, and Lord Krishna saved him. I like this video a lot, it's a cute way to show one of the many stories in the Vedas. Enjoy! (:

Feb 15th, Maddy Smoak
(source: docstoc.com)
(source: docstoc.com)

Buddhism and Hinduism are very similar. I found a venn diagram that compares them.

February 15, 2011 by Arnav Chatterjee

About Durga Puja

This link will take you to an article about the history of the religious festival in India known as the Durga Puja. It is celebrated for the Mother Goddess (Durga). It is in the month of October. There are a few stories about its origin. According to one of these stories, Durga Puja began when Durga defeated the demon Mahishasura. Mahishasura is usually shown as a bull or a human shape with green skin. The festival is often celebrated in front of statues of the goddess and other gods and goddesses, like the one below.

Link to this picture

Wednesday, February 16 2011 by Claudlyne Bernaus
This picture is one of the many Hindu gods. This is Ganesha, the god that removes obstacles. He's the only god that has an animal head. His father is Shiva and his mother is Parvati. And the animal that's most sarcade to him is the rat. I'm sure all of you already know this stuff about Ganesha, but if you didn't now you know.

Febuary 17, 2011 by Kyania
This is a video of some of the Hindu god. There is a song in the back round. This is a song that the Hindu's listen to. I chose this video because I wanted a Hindu song then I wanted a video of the Hindu gods, then i found this one and it was a combination of the two things that i wanted.

by: Mark Garcia.

India is a good country that has at lot of religions but also, they play sport and India was 2007 winner of cricket.

February17,2011 By: Danielle Jordan
This is a picture of Ganesh.You know what I am talking about. The dude with the momma Parvati and the daddy Shiva. Shiva cut of his head and gave him a new head, but really didn't care about him. Men these ancient times! Lord Brahman!


By:Kalonje Parker
Who was the most important god in Hindu?external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSfgsjVFsx5g-TDqhul26Upw-EQBVJ7JS0lOUZ_eVQFnmJ-dgUT
This question was asked in class multiple times and answered

shiva.jpgThis is Catrina with this picture of Shiva and he is dancing on a body and making fire.
February 17,2011
By Catrina Hamilton

February 17, 2011
all_religion.jpgThis is a picture of a man meditating while there are symbols surrounding him.
By: Felix Polonia

2/17/11 This is a picture of a statue of the Hindu god Shiva. Weird fact, he has a third eye in his forehead. By Trevon BennettLord-Shiva-DSC04687.jpg

March 1, 2011 by Arnav Chatterjee
I did some research about the third eye. This link will take you to a page about the different symbols usually shown in pictures of Shiva. A few paragraphs talk about the third eye.


2/17/11 By:Mariam s.

external image india%20religions1.gifThis is a picture of a circle graph thatrepresents some of the religions in India. This image show about how much or the percentage of people that are these different religions.

2/17/11 by Tiffani Santiago
I love all the pictures that are on the page. I really liked looking at the pie chart.


Chantay 2/17/11 7:56

On this page you will find information on Indian religion. you will also learn about What percent of India are what.

2/17/11 8:46 by Ricardy Mehu

On this page you wills find information on Indian stories. This page explains how Ganesha got his elephant head. It's mad funny.