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What kind of dancing do they do in Bollywood?

What kind of music do they listen to?

Indians listen to all different types of music. They listen Abe musics (Hindustani music
and Carnatic music) folk, and modern. Hindustani music is a music tradition that goes back around 1000 BC. It was based on practice on the base of singing with notes. It had traditions that are in Pakistan and Bangladesh. Carnatic music is based on the things of history, and the emphasis is vocal music. The examples of Folk music is Bauls which is apart of Bengal. the word comes from Sankrit ( a language of Hinduism and Buddhism). There are singers and poets and another is Bhangra which is music and dance. There lyrics come from a region called Punjab, and it comes with a lot of history from it. Modern music is Rock and Metal music, dance music, and Indi-pop music. Indi-music is based on Indian Folk and Classic music, and beats from parts of the world. Rock and metal is small in India as in it scenes, and comes from The Beatles when they visited.
What kind of instruments did they play?
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This is a good website because it teaches you differnt languages about it and ownloadings.
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What kind of instruments do they play?


Did you know that Shiva is not only the god of destroying things,but the god of dance? In Hindu culture there is a dance that is called the Bharatanatyam. It is a type of dance that was created by thw god himself Shiva. It tells storis, and it also took years to master this dance. Teenage girls at the age of 12 years started there careers , and when they got older they performed in showa. It takes years to hold a step in this dance , so if you want to try it make sure you don't fall on your behind. =

Beautiful_Antique_Indian_Necklace.jpgDid you see this beautiful antique necklace that is used to weare at a weddings. Do you see is aquamarine jewls in the gold. You should check some more out on Google.Outstanding-Indian-Fashion-Jewellery-for-Bride.jpgNow, this one is my personal favorite because of the unique detail because I don't think I seen anything like it. I love the color because it is purple and who doesn't like purple.

indian-wedding1.jpgThis dress is really pretty because it is red, and it has gold in it. I think Ms. Sanabria would really like it.


Indian-Bangles-1.jpgYou know all them bangles we ladies be rocking at school? Well they were made for Indian womem. It is a tradion where the bride will wear bangles on the honeymoon. When the last bangle breaks the honeymoon is over. There are made out of gold, platinum , glass , sood , ferrous metals, plastic , and gold. They are also made from shells from copper , bronze , gold , agate , and chalecedony.






bride_and_groom_3.jpgThere several things that the Indian bride and groom wear. The bride is in different colors, and the groom is in aregale aura.People coming to wedding is dressed up in gold, and sometimes the groom. Women had tattos all over palm , hands , forearm , legs and feet called a Henna. The dresses , and the colors smybol the meaning of the marriage and the time that follows it.


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Hey Danielle! You've picked two really cool, but pretty broad topics. Think about what specifically you want to talk about in fashion and dance. Maybe you could find out what types of religious dances there are in India. Who dances, and how to they learn? What do they wear when they dance? By looking at specific dance costumes, you could combine dancing and fashion together into a really great topic!

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